1. anything worthless, useless, or discarded; rubbish.
  2. foolish or pointless ideas, talk, or writing; nonsense.
  3. a worthless or disreputable person.


An Art Project: Handmade notebooks from discarded papers

Refuse is a part of people’s consumption practices. It is a very common concept from rural areas to developed cities, from ancient societies to modern ones. It is not wanted, thrown away, kept away. It is considered as useless and disgusting. Contrary to the common approach "one man's trash is another man's treasure".

With the collaboration of many people discarded papers, packages are collected from different places. This time they are not thrown away. They are collected and saved. Later they are transformed to notebooks by hand with traditional methods. Juxtaposition of trashes create notebooks that are different than the blank industrial ones, and through them challenged the widespread understanding of trash. Read more...


Handmade notebooks from trash

Upcycling community's refuse with community's records, ideas, memories...

Notebooks have been used for different purposes such as drawing, writing and recording results of experiments, ideas or memoranda by many artists, scientists, and thinkers through the ages. Here there are different types of notebooks regarding their color, shape, size and combination. They are simple, imperfect and different than usual industrial notebooks, but more importantly they are from trash. Every one of them has a unique serial and with that serial the (hi)story of it can be viewed.


23 pieces, around 20x15 cm.


Other series will be added soon.


Trash is everywhere and produced everytime

There are many different types of paper are collected several places. Some of them have stories and some don't.

Notebook Project Burger King Packaging Bag

Burger King Bags

Notebook Project Starbucks Packaging Bag

Starbucks Bags


Others will be added soon.